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Tony Ramsay

playwright and scriptwriter

Radio Plays

Black Velvet

Afternoon Play (R4). A Jacobean horror story about a young girl locked in a wooden chest. Recorded on location at Tythrop House. Directed by Janet Whitaker. Shortlisted for the Richard Imison Memorial Award - Best Newcomer to Radio.

Walton's Pike

Afternoon Play (R4). Richard Johnson plays an 80 year old Izaak Walton in pursuit of a pike he remembers seeing as a young man. His quest opens up memories of his first wife and ushers in a meditation on love and death. Directed by Janet Whitaker.


The Sunday Play (R3). A dog swallows a heretic's tongue and finds (miraculously) it can understand human speech. Excited by the discovery he dedicates himself to trying to become more like the wonderful creatures who govern is life. Unfortunately they are all behaving like dogs. Directed by Janet Whitaker.

Two Bluethroat Mornings

Two linked afternoon plays (R4) based on the the stage play The Bluethroat. Recorded on location on the North Norfolk Coast. Directed by Janet Whitaker.

The Ballad of Billy Rainbow

The Saturday Play (R4). A cowardly 17th century actor finds himself playing the part of an exorcist in a Norfolk village seemingly plagued by witchcraft. Directed by Janet Whitaker.

Tango Sensations

(R4) A young English teacher obsessed with tango finds himself caught up in the aftermath of Argentina's Dirty War. With Juliet Stevenson. Directed by Janet Whitaker.

New Grub Street

The Classic Serial (R4). Adaptation of the novel by George Gissing with Harold Pinter as the narrator. Directed by Janet Whitaker.

The Compleat Angler

Abridgement (R4). Richard Johnson reads extracts from the classic treatise on fishing by Izaak Walton.